We aim to create a positive impact on society through our business and by minimizing our environmental impacts. This is what sustainability means for us.


Our environmental policy is based on an environmental management system that meets the SFS-EN ISO 14001 standard. We comply with relevant environmental legislation, and our goal is to reduce the environmental load resulting from our operations continually.

We are committed to reducing the environmental load by continually improving our processes. We also ensure that our suppliers of materials and parts are aware of their environmental responsibilities. In order to implement our environmental policy, we set annual environmental objectives and goals and inform our staff and interest groups about environmental issues. We hold regular inspections to ensure implementation of our environmental policy. We train our employees, in order to maintain and increase their environmental awareness.



In the year 2013 we invested in a boiler plant that uses 100% renewable energy (pellets) replacing the use of fuel oil.


In our metal plating operations, we adhere to the strictest standards in the industry. The process itself is closed and the used water is treated in our process water treatment plant. More than 80% of the water is recycled for reuse.


All of our own manufacturing takes place at our Salo factories and many of our supplier partners are located nearby. Short transport journeys during manufacturing have a significant positive impact on the carbon footprint of our operations.


We use the eco-chrome plating process (Chrome 3Cr+ Trivalent), which is more environmentally friendly than the method previously used, mainly because no chromic acid is used in the process.


In the year 2009, we switched to using a phosphate-free pre-treatment process in powder coating. Thanks to significant investment, our powder coating process is now even more environmentally friendly than before. The new process is based on nanoceramics, and it improves the quality of powder coating.


All our products have a timeless design and an excellent quality for long product life. Moreover, all of our products are designed ready to be repaired. Instead of buying a new product you can always change the upholstery of an old chair, paint the wood part or metal frame once again.

After a piece of furniture reaches the end of its life cycle, it can be easily disassembled for recycling.

In our furniture business, consideration of environmental issues is an integral part of our operations. When designing products and choosing materials, far-reaching decisions are also made in terms of environmental impact.

We are constantly looking for new ecological opportunities in the area of ​​manufacturing and materials.


For how we take into account all people – our own personnel, our customers and our partners – is of great importance. As an employer, responsibility for people means, above all, ensuring a safe work environment and good management and supervisory work for us.

Although we are constantly investing in the machinery of our production, only committed and professional people will enable the development of our company. The machines alone do nothing. It is an honor for us to employ in Finland and to be a good employer. Our company values ​​provide a framework for leadership at all levels of the organization. In our day-to-day work, everyone, regardless of their role, has both the opportunity and the obligation to make their own contribution to making our operations responsible.

Piiroinen 70year_awarded personnel_2

The 70th anniversary of Piiroinen company arranged for our personnel in the summer of 2019 at Wiurila Manor. In the picture above, everyone who has been awarded The Finland Chamber of Commerce (FAI) badges of merit during the event.